Armenia Executive Tour… 5 Nights / 4 Days

Our team will meet and greet you at the Zvartnots Intl airport and whisk you to The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel to get the celebrity treatment with world-class service! Situated in the heart of downtown Yerevan – close to thecity’s shopping, entertainment and business districts.

Day 1 – Yerevan

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • After breakfast, brief sightseeing in Yerevan to see more about its’ Soviet-era architecture.
  • Brief tour of Matenadaran museum to explore the miniature works of different medieval miniature artists, Bibles decorated with paintings, medical books and other valuable pieces of Armenian culture and history. (UNESCO World’s Documentary Heritage).
  • Brief tour of “Cafesjian Center for Arts”, art museum in Yerevan.
  • Walk up to Cascade Monument to enjoy the view of beautiful Yerevan and the Mount Ararat from the top.
  • Wine break at Cascade Royal with gorgeous view of Yerevan.
  • Tour of the “Erebuni Town  Fortress”, built in 782 BC by the Urartian King Argishti the First, to find the ruins of the citadel and frescoes.


  • Lunch at “Sherep Restaurant” with delicious food, oriented and top-class service, and warm and friendly atmosphere just nearby the Republic Square.
  • Tour of “Ararat Brandy Company”, supplier of the world renowned-brandy admired by Frank Sinatra, Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill, to taste Legendary Armenian Brandy.
  • Tour of “Megerian Carpet Museum” not only to have a great time and learn so much about the history of Armenian rug-making but also see the weavers in process (the amount of patience and dedication it takes to work in that profession is astounding!) and you make a few knots by yourself with their guidance.


  • Dinner at “Tavern Yerevan” restaurant and tavern with comfortable and relaxing place, all decorated in Armenian style ending the day with homemade apricot and peach vodka.
  • Night Walk at Republic Square, home to History Museum, the National Gallery and the Government House; a truly magnificent thing about the square is that its iconic fountains feature shows choreographed with music & lights, North Avenue and Opera House.
  • Back to hotel and overnight stay.

Day 2 – Etchmiadzin, Khor Virap, Areni, Noravank & Yerevan

  • Breakfast Hotel
  • Tour of the “Etchmiadzin Cathedral” the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the first cathedral built in ancient Armenia, the oldest cathedral in the world, to explore more about the First Christian Country.
  • Tour of the “Zvartnots Temple”, the brightest landmark of medieval Armenian architecture, to explore its rare and majestic beauty.
  • Visit to the “Saradarapat Memorial” to understand Armenian ethnic cultural differences and way of esthetical thinking of this brave and ancient nation.
  • Tour of the “Khor Virap Monastery”, one of the most popular touristy destinations in Armenia, standing before the snowcapped flanks of Mount Ararat offering a spectacular view of the mountain, the national symbol of Armenia, the place of pilgrimage and one of the most worshipped ones in Armenia and the holy site for the Armenian Apostolic Church.


  • Lunch at “Lchak Restaurant” laid out in a very aesthetically pleasing way around a pond with fish and ducks.
  • Tour of the “Noravank Monastery”: Magic Monastery of Armenia”, masterpiece of the Armenian architecture; one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Armenia, encircled by fantastic red rocks, the relief sculpture over its doors depicts Christ flanked by Peter and Paul
  • Tour of “Areni 1-Cave,” the oldest winemaking facility in the world, dating from approximately 4100 BC.
  • Back to Yerevan


  • Dinner at “8-rd Hrashaliq (8th Miracle)” lies in the gorge of Yerevan where nature and gastronomy meet where guests can sit indoors or outdoors, whilst enjoying the soothing sound of the nearby river and the calmness of nature.
  • Coffee & chat at “Jazzve Café” to try and enjoy delicious Armenian coffee.
  • Back to hotel and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Geghard, Garni, Lake Sevan, Dilijan & Yerevan

  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Tour of the “Geghard Monastery”, incredible ancient Armenian monastery, partly carved out of a mountain with number of churches and tombs, most of them cut into the rock, which illustrate the very peak of Armenian medieval architecture.
  • Tour of “Garni”, the only pagan temple in Armenia, a unique masterpiece of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia, the pagan temple of the Sun, Garni.
  • Drive to mesmerizing “Lake Sevan”, Armenian Sea-Jewel of Armenia” the largest and the most beautiful lake in the Caucasus with clean fresh water. See how every hour the water changes its color from azure to turquoise to navy blue.
  • Tour of the monastic complex of Sevanavank, built in 874, located nearby Lake Sevan.


  • Lunch at “Anchor Restaurante” with stunning views of the ice capped mountains and Lake Sevan.
  • After lunch drive to Dilijan, “Armenian Switzerland”, where you will enjoy the peace and tranquility as you embark on a leisurely exploration of the Dilijan National Park. The forested and reclusive town is home to numerous Armenian artists, composers, and filmmakers and features some traditional Armenian architecture.
  • Tour of the “Haghartsin Monastery”, one of the wonders of Armenian medieval architecture.
  • Tour of the “Goshavank Monastery” beacon of science and culture of ancient Armenia.
  • Walk on “Sarambeyan Street”, full of craftsman&’s workshops, gallery and a museum.
  • Visit to Dilijan Historic Center.


  • Dinner at “Flying Ostrich by Dolmama Restaurant” in Dilijan where famous American Actor George Clooney had dinner.
  • Back to Yerevan and overnight stay.

Day 4 – Yerevan

  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Visit to “Vernissage” large open air-market to shop and snatch up a variety of traditional Armenian artwork, such as rugs, woodcarvings, paintings, musical instruments, jewelry and more…
  • Visit to the “Armenian Genocide Memorial” to pay tribute to the Memory of the Armenian Genocide Victims.


  • Lunch at “Dolmama Restaurant” traditional Armenian cuisine; the specialty of this restaurant is, as the name suggests, the famous dolma (or sarma in western Armenian dialect) with ground meat mixed with rice, herbs and a variety of spices, wrapped in grape leaves
  • Tour of the “History Museum of Armenia” to learn about exhibitions starting from Early Stone Age up to Modern times. (Do not forget to see the oldest leather shoe in the world!)
  • “Kochari Folk Dance Ensemble” show, “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” listed by UNESCO.


  • Farewell Dinner at “Malkhas Jazz Club” by far the best place in Yerevan to enjoy jazz music while having dinner and drinks.
  • Back to Hotel and Overnight Stay


  • En Route back to US

Itinerary is subject to change!


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