Hospitality Staff

Qualified event, hospitality and support staff can make all the difference to the overall conference experience. Whether they are greeting attendees at an airport, dispatching vehicles, stationed at a registration desk, directing to or within events, or just a welcoming face wearing your brand while answering questions…our Sena Group appointed dispatch and hospitality staff add the “personal touch” that is often so important to a programs’ success.

We invest the time and resources into training staff, and we develop the reputation of care that attracts the best. The Sena Group’s goal is to ensure that you receive outstanding service from our professional staff in whatever capacity we may assist!

Contact The Sena Group for hospitality staffing needs including:

  • Quality Meet and Greet Personnel
  • Experienced Dispatchers for Small and Large Moves
  • Trained Registration and Hospitality Services Personnel
  • Dine-Around and Restaurant Advancing Staff
  • Meeting Room and Conference “Runners”
  • Hospitality Desk Guides
  • Convention Staff for Material Collation