Shirak Region Tour

A Full Day Guided Tour

Welcome to Gyumri

  • Tour of Temple of Arutch
  • Tour of the Marmashen Monastery
  • Lunch at Cherkezi Dzor or Poloz Mukuch
  • Visit the Sev Berd (Black Fortress)
  • Walk at Vardanants Square, central town square in Gyumri
  • Explore the Kumayri historic district featuring the historic architecture and cobblestone streets of the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Visit Gyumri’s Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life
  • Tour of the Harichavank Medieval Monastery
  • Return to Yerevan
  • Tour finishes at the Republic Square

Magic of Yerevan with famous Armenian Wine
• In addition to the itinerary of the “Welcome to Gyumri Tour” you will also receive a full evening coffee with a glass of Armenian Wine!

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