TOP 12 Festivals To Have Fun And Try Delicious Food as well as Unique Armenian Hospitality!
Armenian festivals are one of the best ways to explore Armenia and its culture, traditions, values and people.

If you have already planned a holiday trip to Armenia and wonder what traditional or modern festivals you can catch during your stay and historical sightseeing here, there is good news for you!

The country is full of surprising, colorful, unexpected and interesting Armenian Festivals that take place every year in the high season, so that both tourists and locals can enjoy them.

These festivals would attract adrenaline lovers, theater enthusiasts, explorers of different national customs, traditions, and why not – cuisine, Armenian food!

They include from Carpet festival to Areni Wine festival, from Jazz festival to International “Golden Apricot” Film festival and more…

Here as the Sena Group we have listed for you the top and most popular and spectacular tourism events and festivals in Armenia in 2018.




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