Tsaghkadzor, Lake Sevan & Dilijan Tour

A Full Day Guided Tour

Welcome to Tsaghkadzor (Winter Ski Resort)

  • Ride by Cable car to the top of Mount Teghenis!
  • Tour of the Museum of Orbeli Brothers!
  • Tour of the Kecharis Monastery

Welcome to Lake Sevan (The Jewel of Armenia)

  • View of Lake Sevan and stop for photo
  • Tour of the Sevanavank Monastery

Welcome to Dilijan (Armenian Switzerland)

  • Lunch at Flying Ostrich By Dolmama where famous American Actor George Clooney had dinner
  • Tour of the Haghartsin Monastery
  • Tour of the Goshavank Monastery
  • Walk at Sharambeyan Street in Old Town Dilijan
  • Hike to Dilijan National Park
  • Coffee at Lake Parz
  • Tour finishes at the Republic Square

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