Armenian Wedding Planning… Classy, Creative, Emphatic

Are you planning a wedding, and would you like to have it organized in an exclusive way?

Here we are that we organize exclusive weddings in Armenia, in any location, in conventional and unconventional places depending on your taste.

At The Sena Group we pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail while executing a unique experience, a luxury wedding, and making every wish of yours possible. With the right know-how, every dream is achievable.

First, we want to hear your story: knowing what you expect from the big day is also a way to understand what makes your love so special.

Listening to your vision helps our creative process, and will assist us in creating a personalized and unique plan. And once the big day has arrived, we become invisible, even if we are always present, allowing you to be the magic makers.

You’ve been dreaming about this moment ever since you can remember and now it has arrived … Relying on us means that you guarantee yourself the joy and serenity that you deserve while getting married; you will feel in good hands as our a team of friendly professionals execute your vision and pay attention to every detail.

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