Why Visit Armenia with The Sena Group?

  Why Visit Armenia! Ever thought about visiting Armenia? Need some inspiration? We have outlined for you why you should visit this historical European country:
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and get in touch with the ancient historical heritage.
  • Discover some routes of the Great Silk Road in Armenia!
  • See the Natural Wonders in Armenia.
  • Explore one of the world’s ancient continuously inhabited cities; “Erebuni-Yerevan”.
  • Enjoy the most beautiful mountain in the world – biblical Mount Ararat, the highest mountain in the world from its base (not sea level), where the Noah’s ark landed after the Great Flood!
  • Enjoy the legendary Lake Sevan!
  • Learn the first officially Christian country in the world since 301A.D.
  • Visit Genocide Memorial to pay tribute to the Armenian Genocide victims!
  • Experience the unique and matchless Armenian hospitality!
  • Taste the Armenia Wine and Cognac.
  • Taste the healthy, organic and delicious Armenian Cuisine!
  • Taste the sun-kissed Apricots of Ararat Valley!
  • Buy the world’s most beautiful ancient rugs and carpets!
  • See the world’s oldest shoe (5500years old).
  • Visit the world’s oldest winery found in Areni Cave (4100 BC)!
  • Ride and experience the world’s longest aerial tramway (5.7km), “Tatev Wings”!
  • Spend time in Jermuk, a spa town and ski resort, and the Jewel of Armenia, famous for its hot mineral water springs.
  • Enjoy the Country for Outdoor Enthusiasts!
  • Discover “Affordable and Safe” Armenia with the Sena Group!
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